Digest first

Digest them first, and you won’t vomit them up Epictetus Digest what? Our food, our emotions, our thoughts, what we have read or learnt We humans have the tendency to learn something new and then proclaim tithe world our new found knowledge Someone invests in Crypto and that’s all better talk about, vomiting over everyoneContinue reading “Digest first”

Live Up To What They Taught You

The best way there is to thank a teacher…Is to live up to what they taught you -Ryan Holiday I don’t think that there could be anything more fulfilling as a creator than knowing your work had impacted and changed someone’s life… A teacher can be from a book or some random person you metContinue reading “Live Up To What They Taught You”

But where is the tutor for me

‘They say life is a test’‘But where is the tutor for me’ -J Cole Every day we get tested by things we were never taught, in fact, most things today that test us were not around 100,000 years ago whilst were evolving. It’s a totally new environment We get tested byMoney issues,Relationship issues,Stress and workContinue reading “But where is the tutor for me”


I had a cool idea for a post today, but then I forgot what is was, so now I’m just kind of improvising as I go, Because sometimes we can just sit and think too much and get nothing done whilst waiting for a bit of inspiration Or we can just start something, good orContinue reading “Improvisation”

We need to practice

We don’t become virtuous by reading Epictetus or Seneca, We need to practice – Massimo Pigliucci Practice, Practice, Practice that’s all we’re doing, all day every day, The question is what are you practising? Are you practising what you said you would or are you practising talking or quitting… Talking about how you’re going toContinue reading “We need to practice”