Sign a contract with yourself

Sign a contract with yourself You punch in at your work, do your hours, take your breaks when scheduled, do what the contract requires, then leave Yet our ideas, whether that’s going to the gym or reading or saving We just free ball it We go if we feel like it, or put money intoContinue reading “Sign a contract with yourself”

Motivation is not your friend.

Motivation is not your friend. If you only wait for motivation to get going then you won’t get very far. You are never going to find enough motivation to start something completely new, And if you do it will be hard to get it to stick around once it does show up. Motivation isn’t aContinue reading “Motivation is not your friend.”

And you must drink from it, like it or not

And you must drink from it, like it or not George RR Martin Sometimes we have to take responsibility for things we shouldn’t have to do, Maybe it was someone else’s task, but they failed or got sick or something, The cup gets passed to us Regardless of whether we want it not, we haveContinue reading “And you must drink from it, like it or not”