What’s the point?

What’s the point Have you ever heard or said someone talk about how they want to eat healthy, exercise 3-4 days per week, save money etc But they go from nothing to all out Except the thought of going all out is too overwhelming so they dont do anything But if you suggest for exampleContinue reading “What’s the point?”

Even your hopes Get Tired

Everyone gets tired, Even your hopes Harshita J Doing the work is tiring. It does not always go to plan… We may fail and we may fall, We will definitely experience tiredness and fatigue… But if we have started the work then no matter how tired we become, We will have made progress… But ifContinue reading “Even your hopes Get Tired”

New Match

New Match For those familiar with dating apps, You’ll know it’s all about getting a match now, Meaning you both swipe right on each other, which allows you to message one and another. But just because you have a match, does mean you have a date, a partner or even an F-buddy if that’s whatContinue reading “New Match”

The universe does not care if you are a nice person.

The universe does not care if you are a nice person. You can’t sit around expecting good things to happen to you, expecting the universe to reward you for being nice. You need to take action. Because to be honest the universe probably does not even know you exist, We are about as relevant toContinue reading “The universe does not care if you are a nice person.”

What will you discover…

What will you discover… I love finding a great book, then realising the author has other books, then you find similar books by other authors It’s a whole path to discovering awesome stuff We get the same process with other things too, podcasts, films, jobs, hobbies Discovery is awesome. But in order to discover, weContinue reading “What will you discover…”