It’s not ‘meant to be’ – Its meant to be done

It’s not meant to be – Its meant to be done – Jade Teta.

If it’s meant to be its meant to be – (I hate writing this post because my Nan always said that saying)


If you’re sat around waiting for the stars to align waiting for something to happen then you need to get up, stop star gazing and go and do the work.

The work, The work is meant to be done.

Once the work is done then the work needs to be put out there…

And once that has happened then it might be.

You might fail, But if you did the work then you will have learnt some valuable lessons, you can course correct and try again…

That is how we learn and grow, and that’s how we make our stars align…

Not by waiting, By doing.

We did not come to fear the future

‘We did not come to fear the future. We came here to shape it.’ – Barack Obama⠀

What happens in the future is unknown to us, It’s nothing to fear because it’s all imaginary.⠀

However that being said there is a way you can direct how your future looks by the actions you take today…⠀

You can’t change your destination over night but Every Action you take will shape your future – Every Decision you Make will impact your future, ⠀

Is today the day you cut down smoking, Is today the day you start running or lifting. Is today the day you start saving?⠀

Shape your future – Not fear it.⠀

My Work Comes With Typos…

You had a Mcdonalds breakfast, Followed by a Grande Gingerbread Coffee Frappuccino,

You spent your lunch gossiping and bitching over your co-workers Instagram,

You go back to your job (You may love it or hate I don’t know… or care)

Your Co-worker (I’m gonna call her Suzi – Ceebs writing Co-worker all the time)

Suzi – the one you were bitching about at lunch cracks open a tin of homemade cupcakes or whatever…

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