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She’s no princess

She fell in love with fairytales
And dreamed of castles
She wanted the crown
The knight in shining armour…

She fell in love in with an idea
That she never could have
Not because she was worthless
Simply because
She was no princess…

A wise man once said that just to live is an act of courage
And live she just did
Every day dreaming of crowns on the battle grounds

She was a warrior
She was a valkyrie
She was an amazonian
She was a godess
Yet life had worn her down
And made her feel worthless

Keep on fighting
You are not worthless
You have more courage than those silly little princesses

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That Disney Love

You want that Disney love
That fit the glass slipper on your foot love
That spaghetti string love
That first kiss and break the spell love

You want that fairy tale story
Love at first sight kind of thing
Jump on a magic carpet and take flight
Don’t let the prince see you after midnight

That’s that fantasy love
That’s that love that makes you miserable love
That’s that love that makes you unsatisfied with any real love

Love is what happens after midnight
After the magic has gone
Love is when your a mess
And your not in that magic dress
And the prince doesn’t need to go round the whole town trying to find who the slipper belongs too

That’s that Disney love
You don’t want that
You want the love where if you lost your shoe
Your prince would come straight to you

Wake up sleeping beauty
Your prince isn’t wherein a crown
But of you opened your eyes, you might be quite surprised
At what real love actually looks like

But nah you want that Disney Love

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The important thing is, To be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are, For what you could become

The important thing is, To be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are, For what you could become

– Charles Dubois

Holding on is what we do, we hold on to a belief or a thought that this is the way we are supposed to be living,

Holding on to stories that we’ve been brought up with, Like the Disney Princess story,

You know growing up, find love, at first sight, get married and live happily ever after…

Even though this rarely happens, 

That was just one example, there are many examples of us holding on…

The issue is whilst we’re holding on to some story we’re not allowing any more to unfold

Sometimes you just need to let go, Live that Pocahontas life and go where the wind takes you

Take a risk and sacrifice your old self so a new one can emerge.

‘Yeah but what if that life is no good for me’…

What if it is