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New Match

New Match

For those familiar with dating apps, You’ll know it’s all about getting a match now,

Meaning you both swipe right on each other, which allows you to message one and another.

But just because you have a match, does mean you have a date, a partner or even an F-buddy if that’s what you’re after,

There is still a lot of work to be done.

The same is applied in business or even in health

Just because you have a new lead does not mean you have a new customer,

Just because you have a gym membership does not mean you are fit and healthy…

We need to work, and work hard to convert our matches into something,

And a lot of the time they amount to nothing (In my experience anyway :/)

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Motivation is not your friend.

Motivation is not your friend.

If you only wait for motivation to get going then you won’t get very far.

You are never going to find enough motivation to start something completely new,

And if you do it will be hard to get it to stick around once it does show up.

Motivation isn’t a very good freind.

It’s like the one friend who appears after all the chaos has ended and the waters have settled

Don’t rely on that friend

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Restarting Hurts

Restarting hurts

Restarting takes effort, it takes time to get back into the flow and making it a habit again.

I injured both my ankles during lockdown, I could barely walk let alone exercise so I rested,

Which turned into more resting and more before I knew it a couple of months had passed and I hadn’t done anything

Getting back into the gym hurt, both physically and mentally

I had to break out of the comfort of not going I have to deal with the muscle soreness

Restarting hurts

It’s easier to not quit and keep going

But it’s better than never trying again

It’s better than doing nothing

It hurts but the pain is temperamental

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What makes you uncomfortable

What makes you uncomfortable

I’ve travelled alone a few times now

And I actually hate it, it makes me feel uncomfortable

It goes a little something like this

Arrive then get to hotel, then think Omg what the f*ck am I doing here, what do I do now,

Make things up to do in my hotel room (procrastination) then finally brave the unknown world

The omg what the f*ck am I doing here really compounded when I walked into the hotel bar back in march to find everyone over 60 swing dancing. Then the next day realising the place was on the verge of lockdown so nowhere was open

But the fact it makes me uncomfortable is also the reason why I have to do it sometimes.

Otherwise I’ll just become a hermit who has to rely on other people to see the world

That being said there are other things that make me uncomfortable and I avoid like the plague… one thing at a time right

What things in life make you uncomfortable that if you tackled would make your life a little better