A slave to your desires

A slave to your desires Watching Tv late at nightChecking your phone when you’re trying to get shit doneEating the cake or snacksPorn We’re all slaves to our desires, yet we are unchained and the gates to escape our pit are unguarded We know this.We know we can free ourselvesWe know if we do weContinue reading “A slave to your desires”

You can only be who you already are

You can only be who you already are – Steven Pressfield I love this philosophy it goes against the you can be whatever you want to be positive thinking jumbo that goes around today If you want to be a singer and you cannot sing then you are not going to become a singer noContinue reading “You can only be who you already are”

Destiny is something you create

Destiny is something you create with your own 2 hands We all say it was destined to be But that’s impossible since the future can change in a moment with each choice and action we make, It was never destined to be… And since the future changes with each choice and action we therefore createContinue reading “Destiny is something you create”

Don’t block your own path!

Don’t block your own path! Build your kingdom, instead of blocking your path. Garret J White We all have goals and dreams We all know what we need to do. We also most of the time know what we need not to do. Yet the what not to do is what we find ourselves doingContinue reading “Don’t block your own path!”

Blind To Possibilities

Blind to Possibilities When we dwell on a problem, we get stuck in the cycle of the problem, our perspective is just the problem and other problems. Remaining in the problem, blind us to possibilities. We need to shift this perspective. To shift the perspective we need to walk the block and look at itContinue reading “Blind To Possibilities”