Can I do More

Can I Do More ‘If you’re not living in a place of growth, Then your acting as if you’re on the way out’-Kevin Heart The Decision If we’re not growing we’re dying, Tony Robbins said that Life is growth or death right, everything is growing or dying. So when we come to a place whereContinue reading “Can I do More”

Words Spoken Set life in motion

All quotes are from The Mount Of Olives Book by Michael V. Ivanov Perhaps when you are able to speak, you can’t think at the same time. On Olive trees, “Sometimes they take 5 to 8 years to produce fruit,”… barren and useless for so long just like he had been. But when they becameContinue reading “Words Spoken Set life in motion”

‘Live’ she says

Death twitches my ear‘Live’ she says– paths of meaning Chasing a paycheck, constantly checking our stocks, or emails,  worrying about some unimportant things… We forget to enjoy ourselves, We forget to live. With each day that passes by death creeps closer, but we push Lee further back until we have achieved somthing or paid ofContinue reading “‘Live’ she says”

Is this what you want to be known for?

You will be known for what you do So you better start doing what you want to be known for -Todd Henry What you do and what you want to do are completely different things a topic we’ve discussed plenty of times on the blog Several times in my life I’ve wanted to be knownContinue reading “Is this what you want to be known for?”

The meaning of life is that it ends

The meaning of life is that it ends – Franz Kafka We think death as this horrible thingThe end But the fact that we have died means that we got to live and that amazing We look for meaning in life but there isn’t really a meaning We are just here We have to makeContinue reading “The meaning of life is that it ends”