There is a star inside of you

There is a star in you,I know you don’t believe itJust because the clouds block the night skyDoesn’t mean the stars fade awayThere is a star inside of youI know you don’t see itJust because the clouds block your mindYour star won’t fade away Remember that in the darkest nightsThat’s when the stars shine theContinue reading “There is a star inside of you”

Darkest before the dawn

Life is the hardest thing we’ll ever knowYet it’s also the most beautiful thing tooThere are going to be hard times and we are going to sink so lowBut there will be some great times, even though maybe Darkness is the only thing you’ve ever knownBut darkness can’t exist without the lightYes life feels likeContinue reading “Darkest before the dawn”

The Gateway To Light.

The Gateway To Light. Is the darkness inside of you. The storeys you tell yourself, The situations you find yourself in, The thoughts, The feelings are the path to the other side. Think about it, You wouldn’t know what pleasure was, without pain. Hot without cold, day and night… So how are you supposed toContinue reading “The Gateway To Light.”