Eternity in the present

Eternity in the present We want to live forever Or at least prolong our life Yet do we ever ask ourselves why What would living longer do for us when we fail to capture the life we have In any moment we can find eternity In any moment the past and the future does notContinue reading “Eternity in the present”

Daily deposits

Daily deposits Making daily deposits in your life leaves you in the surplus Putting you in a position of power to make withdrawals… As opposed to not making deposits and them trying to withdraw and having nothing there to withdraw… We need to make deposits in our life… Health deposits, wealth deposits, relationships deposits… Let’sContinue reading “Daily deposits”

There is only one finish line.

There is only one finish line. Sometimes the sheer fact that there is no finish line is so overwhelming, we dont do anything. In our bodies – we have to keep exercising, keep eating healthy to stay fit and healthy. In our businesses – we have to keep making more sales, more marketing In ourContinue reading “There is only one finish line.”