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Eternity in the present

Eternity in the present

We want to live forever

Or at least prolong our life

Yet do we ever ask ourselves why

What would living longer do for us when we fail to capture the life we have

In any moment we can find eternity

In any moment the past and the future does not exist

Its just you and the moment

Capture that before you ask for more life

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Daily deposits

Daily deposits

Making daily deposits in your life leaves you in the surplus

Putting you in a position of power to make withdrawals…

As opposed to not making deposits and them trying to withdraw and having nothing there to withdraw…

We need to make deposits in our life…

Health deposits, wealth deposits, relationships deposits…

Let’s look at health, If we are constantly withdrawing, late nights, poor food, stress daily

It’s just eventually going to burn out…

Where as if we exercise, eat well, do stress reducing activitys

And constantly make deposits,

When we face a situation that’s stressful, we have the balance in the bank to handle it with a clear mind and a healthy body that isn’t already running on fumes…

The same applies to other areas of your life

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There is only one finish line.

There is only one finish line.

Sometimes the sheer fact that there is no finish line is so overwhelming, we dont do anything.

In our bodies – we have to keep exercising, keep eating healthy to stay fit and healthy.

In our businesses – we have to keep making more sales, more marketing

In our relationships- we have to keep the fire alive

So we don’t do anything, we avoid the work, it’s too hard and we are not willing to do it…

Over and over and over and over again, every day.

But there is no finish line isn’t exactly true.

There is a finish line

And that line is death.

So in life we can choose to avoid the work and live in this dream like reality where we are not happy with who are and we fantasie about who we can become, but never doing anything about it…

Or we can do the work daily.

We can go from a place of where we are today, to a place of who we want to be tomorrow.

And live a life with meaning and purpose instead of fantasies.

We all hit the finish line

The question is how are you running the race