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Even your hopes Get Tired

Everyone gets tired, Even your hopes

Harshita J

Doing the work is tiring.

It does not always go to plan…

We may fail and we may fall,

We will definitely experience tiredness and fatigue…

But if we have started the work then no matter how tired we become, We will have made progress…

But if all your doing is sitting around, Hoping for change, Then eventually you are going to give up hope, and you will have made no progress and watched time just pass by…

You’re going to get tired no matter what, So you might as well become tired doing something.

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Are you prepared for the worst?

Are you prepared for the worst?

“Rehearse them in your mind: exile, torture, war, shipwreck. All the terms of our human lot should be before our eyes.

– Seneca

Bad things happen.

They have and they will continue to happen.

That’s life.

But things could always get worse…

A lot worse.

Yet when things get bad, people tend to look forward, and imagine life getting good, they say I can’t wait for all this to be over.

But what if its never over, or at least not anytime soon.

Then what are you going to do,

Because in my experience positive thinking sets us up for defeat.

We look forward and we hope, and then all of a sudden we are hit with another deviating blow.

But what would happen if we had predicted that blow,
Not with positive thinking but with negative thoughts instead.

Thinking of how things can get worse, how you won’t recover…

In a strange way this is kind of positive thinking, after all when you have predicted the worst… the worst that can happen is what you are expecting and its not devastating if you are already waiting…

Anything else is a bonus.

Prepare for the worst, if you want the best.

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Tiny Improvments

It’s the tiny improvements that make all the difference.

I’ve spent the last 10 years doing something in the fitness industry,

Fitness instructing, personal training, writing and running a fitness company…

In those 10 years and they will continue on for a long time is that I’ve noticed that people don’t want tiny gains.

They want it all

And they want it fast.

And it’s the same with money and goals and everything we do.

We want results now.

So we do drastic shit to get those results.

But they never work or at least not for long…

Back to fat loss or muscle gain…

People will cut out Calories and practically starve themselves whilst spending hours on a treadmill to lose weight fast

Even though they have tried it millions of times in the past and got the same results

Small amounts of weight loss and a whole lot of misery followed by weight regain

Whereas if they had followed a sustainable pan over the year they could have felt and looked great by the end of it.

Fast progress comes at a cost.

Tiny improvements over time, may not tell a great story,
But at least you’ll finish it.

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Did you workout today?

Did you workout today?

On the Daily Fuel podcast (Wake Up Warrior) Garret J White was telling a story about his trip to the sandwich shop

And long story short the New staff member said to him,

‘I’m going to require you to wear a mask’

Garrets response was classic…

‘If you’re going to require me to wear a mask, I’m going to require you to have worked out today’

And the point was and we see this in all areas of our lives not just with the Vid situation but people aren’t addressing the real problems

And Garrets point was basically a mask won’t protect you if your immune system is shot, if you’re not eating healthy, and exercising regularly, A mask will probably make it worse…

But we see it in relationships when a couple falls out they buy flowers or something to makeup but it does not solve the underlining problems of why you keep falling out.

It’s a false sense of protection, In reality, they aren’t really doing anything.

Across all areas of our life, there will be something that we don’t want to address so we mask it instead in hopes that it will eventually solve itself.

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You are the difference.

You are the difference.

When you look around and you know something is wrong but nobody is speaking up, then you know the responsibility falls on you.

When you want to make more money but your friends or family don’t want the extra hassle, then the responsibility is on you,

When you want to get in shape but your friends don’t want to workout with you then you get the point…

We look around, We look to others in hopes that they do what we know we should be doing…

But this is unacceptable,

Nobody is as brave as you, Nobody thinks like you, So if you want to make a difference…

Then you need to become the difference.