Creativity Break

Creativity break Ok creativity does not take a break, it jumps at you from nowhere, sometimes in the most random times Like in the shower or on a long road trip, you know when there is absolutely nothing you can do about it So why the creativity break You know, your sat at your desk,Continue reading “Creativity Break”

It’s ok to take a break

It’s ok to take a break We all have this idea of how what is acceptable in society or in our craft Work hard all the time, even when you’re sick, no breaks You must write every day if you want to be a writer, You need to eat nothing if you want to loseContinue reading “It’s ok to take a break”

Be A Student Of Your Game

Be A Student Of Your Game Ryan Holiday posted an Instagram post sometime back and someone asked him how he reads so much His response was firstly I’m a writer so I get paid to read because if I don’t I can’t write In Steven Pressfields War of art our turning pro (I can’t rememberContinue reading “Be A Student Of Your Game”

Beautiful wondering

Beautiful wondering We drive the same route to workAnd for the past year along of peoples route was waking up and strolling to their desk… We sit at the same desk Surrounded by the same people Looking at the same walls We go home to the same house Watch the same shows Rinse and repeateContinue reading “Beautiful wondering”

Beautiful nothingness

Beautiful nothingness We live in a noisy world Noise everywhere, people arguing,talking, cars and trucks, planes, TV, radio… Even on social media its just noise, noise, noise… And this noise drowns out the noise in your head,No time to think just trying to process all the noise going on Then you sit down in theContinue reading “Beautiful nothingness”