New Match

New Match For those familiar with dating apps, You’ll know it’s all about getting a match now, Meaning you both swipe right on each other, which allows you to message one and another. But just because you have a match, does mean you have a date, a partner or even an F-buddy if that’s whatContinue reading “New Match”

When it’s not on your doorstep

When it’s not on your doorstep What do you do? Do you wait until another event rolls around closer to you or do you travel the distance. I’ve been to several events 100s of miles away from where I live, long train or coach journeys, hotels etc. At the same time in Facebook groups IContinue reading “When it’s not on your doorstep”

You can’t replace this

You can’t replace it. Connection It’s the one thing we can’t escape We need it, All our needs are met, we’re safe, we have easy access to food and we have shelter We shouldn’t need anything else. Yet being away from other people for too long and we become depressed, Some things we will neverContinue reading “You can’t replace this”

Your head is not an island

Your head is not an island Have you ever just thought ‘my head is fucked’ Like thoughts all over the place, stressing for no reason and just being pure negative Then you start thinking what the hell is wrong with me, why am I like this. You start blaming the fact that you have aContinue reading “Your head is not an island”

We need each other

We need each other It’s how we got here. We got here through cooperation as tribes, Working together to get food, look after the young and staying alive. Being isolated meant almost certain death. Today that feeling sticks with us, If we are lonely our stress levels go up, we perceive more things as threats,Continue reading “We need each other”