Do you have a time machine?

Do you have a time machine? So that you can go back in time and change shit.. No So why dwell on it in the present. (Not a direct quote) But a quote from Kevin Harts the decision. We can’t go back and change the stuff we have done or haven’t. So all we canContinue reading “Do you have a time machine?”

You can choose choices

You can choose choices but not outcomes– The midnight library. Outcomes are out of our control, we don’t know what’s going to happen, we cant predict what’s going to happen. Choices though are ours. We can choose to go left or right, not to do or to do. No matter what we choose there willContinue reading “You can choose choices”

How much does it take to change?

How much does it take to change? They say, people don’t changeOr that it’s hard to change… But I disagree.It doesn’t take alot to change. Change can happen from the smallest things. Maybe something someone said that clicked with you. Or a book. I know many peoples lives had changed simply from reading a book.Continue reading “How much does it take to change?”

The choices we make

It comes down to the choices we make… In the end that’s all the matters Did you do the work or not. No excuses, just yes or no Well I didn’t do this because… No because, just yes or no Did you do the work… Well I… Did you do the work … yes orContinue reading “The choices we make”

To fight against the darkness

To fight against the darkness is to win It’s hardYou cant seeIt feels like you are carrying the world and moreYour fighting internal battlesAnd external ones toEvery angle you can’t see an escape But whatever you doDont surrender to the darknessDont give upKeep fightingThe more you fight, the more you push the darkness back,Eventually you’llContinue reading “To fight against the darkness”