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The game changes when you choose this

The game changes when you choose this

Ideas are great

But when you are always putting others before yourself they get forgotten

You may have every intention to go to the gym or write a book but if your doing favours after favours for everyone they get put on the back burner

When you choose yourself however

The game changes

Because you know you are going to choose what benefits your life first

You choose what will push you forward and not pull you back

Then once you have done what you need to do then if you want to you can help others out

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It is an option

It is an option

At some point we need to admit that it’s simply just not working

And we need to move on

It is an option

Don’t let Instagram fool you

Those influencers with their shitty quotes

Not everything works out

Life is not a movie

Giving up allows you to move on

Move on to somthing that might work out

Somthing life changing

But first you need to let go

One you have tried every avenue, every possible scenario

Then you can give up

Just know it is an option
And failure is part of life

Failure leads the way

Failure is a prerequisite to succsess

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And Hero In the afternoon

The same man can play Craven in the morning and hero in the afternoon

– Last of the Amazons

It can be turned around as fast as that

Just one thought, just one action,  just one stroke of luck

And your whole life could change

When you think that you have been defeated and there is no hope left.

Just remember that there is

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How many time have you put this off?

How many time have you put this off?

Procrastination the curse that just keeps on taking.

Time and time again we are granted with opportunities to accomplish tasks yet we keep giving those opportunities away.

Time and time again and ironically we end up with less and less time…

I started a course a year ago and it expires today,

Guess who’s spending their evening trying to complete it… Me.

Even after a year of lockdowns and countless lazy days…

Think of your many years of procrastination; how the gods have repeatedly granted you further periods of grace, of which you have taken no advantage. It is time now to realise the nature of the universe to which you belong, and of that controlling Power whose offspring you are; and to understand that your time has a limit set to it. Use it, then, to advance your enlightenment; or it will be gone, and never in your power again

– Marcus Aurelius

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Its only natural you’ll get lost

When one chooses their own path, its only natural they’ll get lost at times

-The courage to be disliked

When following a path chosen for you, say the family buisness or the same career path as your parents it’s easy to know what to do and wear to go

You just ask them for advice

But when you follow your own path, well that road map has not been laid out for you,

Your going to make mistakes and wrong turns, your going to stumble and fall, but that’s the beauty of choosing your own path

The mistakes are lessons that you get from living not just simply following,

Go and get lost, that’s where you’ll find life