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How much does it take to change?

How much does it take to change?

They say, people don’t change
Or that it’s hard to change…

But I disagree.
It doesn’t take alot to change.

Change can happen from the smallest things.

Maybe something someone said that clicked with you.

Or a book.

I know many peoples lives had changed simply from reading a book.

And they have completely changed there lives around.

It doesn’t take a lot to change.

It just requires doing something different

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They’re All The Same.

They’re All The Same.

You here that a lot right?
You’ve probably even said it a lot…

Its always them, Everyone else is the problem, Always them and never us.

But if between every interaction, relationship or whatever it is are all the same, Lets use relationships for example…

If all Men or Women are the same and the only thing in common with each relationship is You.

Then its YOU that is the problem.

If all women are crazy… Then its probably you that is.

If the same patterns keep showing up, time and time again it is You that is the problem.


Do you see the pattern.

It was never them.

Its us that need to change.

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Chasing Unicorns

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Chasing Unicorns The body you desire right now is a unicorn. It’s a myth. You can’t have it because right now you are not that unicorn. And if you try to chase it today, well you’ll never get to it. It’s like trying to jump a 100ft gap, when you have never even jumped 1ft. […]

Chasing Unicorns
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To fight against the darkness

To fight against the darkness is to win

It’s hard
You cant see
It feels like you are carrying the world and more
Your fighting internal battles
And external ones to
Every angle you can’t see an escape

But whatever you do
Dont surrender to the darkness
Dont give up
Keep fighting
The more you fight, the more you push the darkness back,
Eventually you’ll start to see light
But only if you keep fighting.

Defeat the darkness.

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You Are Your Only Solution.

Anything else that requires other people is out of your control, and you have to wait for them to change…

We don’t have that kind of time.

We have to do the work,
We have to be the change.

Otherwise, nothing will…

Think about that as we approach the New Year