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To fight against the darkness

To fight against the darkness is to win

It’s hard
You cant see
It feels like you are carrying the world and more
Your fighting internal battles
And external ones to
Every angle you can’t see an escape

But whatever you do
Dont surrender to the darkness
Dont give up
Keep fighting
The more you fight, the more you push the darkness back,
Eventually you’ll start to see light
But only if you keep fighting.

Defeat the darkness.

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But were all in chains

We were born free But were all in chains

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The moment we were born, the chains started to be applied to us, Our names, our nationality, where, how we live, our beliefs, religion, values are all pushed on us. Then we get exposed to media and advertisements and our thoughts are controlled.

By the time we are young adults, we have been moulded by invisible chains, The chains that dictate who we are…

But are they really us?

Is the life you living today yours.

Why did you really buy that last purchase, why did you get to college and uni, why do you do what you do.

Or a more important question who do you want to be and is what you’re doing today paving the way towards that.

Can you remove the chains applied to you into freeing yourself.

Into being you.

Not if you don’t question yourself, our values, your habits, your goals…

Break the chains, Free yourself.