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The Maps Will Set You Free

The Maps Will Set You Free

I’ve written in the best about there being no maps, as every specific journey is unique and there is no guide for your journey.

However, in parts of your journey, there will be maps.

And those maps will set you free.

Say You’re in debt and you want to get out of it, A good map to use would be the Richest Man In Babylon it’s a great story about money.

There are many fitness programs that you can use to get into shape and there are many fitness courses for you to expand on your knowledge.

Be a better Partner there are relationship maps.

So there is no specific map for your complete journey as different paths will take you to different journeys.

But within those journeys there are maps.

And those maps will set you free

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When it’s not on your doorstep

When it’s not on your doorstep

What do you do?

Do you wait until another event rolls around closer to you or do you travel the distance.

I’ve been to several events 100s of miles away from where I live, long train or coach journeys, hotels etc.

At the same time in Facebook groups I see people asking will this event be in X place or y place…

Because they don’t want to travel.

Yet even if it was on there doorstep, would they go?

I don’t know… but the question is if its really worth something to you

How far are you willing to go?

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You’ll take away the biggest part of me

If you leave me now, You’ll take away the biggest part of me

-Chicago (I think)

I’ve got this lyric in my head I don’t know why, but it got me thinking

That the biggest part of you cannot be someone else.

People leave, People have their own plans and things happen.

In the fitness world (as well as many others) I always heard the excuse ‘well I’ll have to speak to my partner to see if they’ll let me’

Which is fine if your buying a car, But when it comes to joining the gym or hiring a personal trainer,

Is putting the decision in your partner’s hands the best idea?

Yeah say you don’t hire one, and slowly over time your health gets worse and then one day your partner leaves or dies, then you’re left on your own, with your poor health.

You are your biggest asset.

You need to look after you and stop relying on other people to bring you happiness, health, meaning, love and anything else that matters to you.

If you leave me now… I’ll be okay is how the song should go but it probably wouldn’t have sold many records

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Today kids will run straight to the tree that’s filled with presents, Adults will exchange gifts and visit loved ones (or family of loved ones)

There will be drinks and laughs lots of food and maybe a few fights, But remember today isn’t about the presents under the tree it’s about the presence of you and the people around you,

They are the biggest gift of all, Life is strange, look around they might not be here next year, they may go travelling or lose contact, or you know pass,

But today they are here,

That’s what is important.

Enjoy the present of their presence