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And Hero In the afternoon

The same man can play Craven in the morning and hero in the afternoon

– Last of the Amazons

It can be turned around as fast as that

Just one thought, just one action,  just one stroke of luck

And your whole life could change

When you think that you have been defeated and there is no hope left.

Just remember that there is

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Not for you

Not for you

The diet that’s working for your friend isn’t for you
Nor is their training program

The investment your family member is trying to get you in on isn’t for you

Nor is that career path everyone telling you to do because its family tradition

It’s not for you.

What’s for you is what works for you not them.

Go to uni and study what you want, not what your parents want,

Do the diet and exercise program that you can stick too for life because it works for you not them…

Follow your own path, because their life is not for you, you have to make yours your own

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Do what is right, not what is easy

Do what is right, not what is easy

– paths of meaning

There are many times I’ve chosen to do the easy thing

Even though my gut and my heart new it wasn’t right

I took the easy way and it kind of felt like a piece of me died

There are other times when I have down what’s right but it wasn’t easy, it was in the moment wishing I had done the easy thing but afterwards I was glad I did the right thing.

There are many times we will be tested on these choices and sometimes we will get it wrong, and we will know because we will be able to feel It in our stomachs

Sometimes we cant rectify the situation other times we can

But in any moment ask yourself
‘is this the right thing’

You may be able to catch yourself before you make a mistake

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Otherwise you wouldn’t be here

(2 Daily Fires today… You lucky buggers)

Your exactly where you need to be, otherwise you wouldn’t be here

Forgot to note the IG account I took that from :/

Let’s just say you had the skills to fulfil your dream.

You were talented and you could have made it.

But you never did because you didn’t turn up to the auditions because you were lazy or you never had the confidence to release your work…

But instead of excepting that you instead tell people that should have been you or could have been you.

But instead of it being you, you just bore everybody with the same old talk…

You’re in the position now because that’s who you are supposed to be because if not you would have changed it…

But also you are right here right now able to change it.

If that was supposed to have been you but wasn’t because of X, Y or Z then now is the time to work on X, Y or Z you supposed to be here now, to work on them so you can move on from them.

And if you don’t work on them, then yeah this is exactly where you are supposed to be

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Compromising your outcomes

Entering into any infection with compromised health, Leads to poorer outcomes

-Dr Tyna

Entering anything with poor health (I.e. Mindset, Attitude, Health etc) will compromise your outcomes.

I’ll give it a try, whilst playing on your phone not giving it your full attention, then that course is not going to be life-changing.

Neither is that diet of your craving the Pizza and alcohol two days into it,

Or the relationship if you’re swiping on other girls during your date.

Whatever we do in life, Our jobs, our relationships, surviving an illness if our health, attitude, commitment is compromised then we are fighting an uphill battle.