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I think being broke was better

I think being broke was better

J Cole

Even when your broke and hungry

The climb up is so much more fun, than when you get some form of stability

You so work harder, you have more drive and ambitions

But when you get some taste of success that drive isn’t as high

You get comfortable and take the foot off the accelerator

I often think back to the time when I slept in my car I don’t think I’ll ever get that feeling back

I think being broke was better

To a certain extent.

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And Hero In the afternoon

The same man can play Craven in the morning and hero in the afternoon

– Last of the Amazons

It can be turned around as fast as that

Just one thought, just one action,  just one stroke of luck

And your whole life could change

When you think that you have been defeated and there is no hope left.

Just remember that there is

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Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

‘Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.’ – Og Mandino⠀

You don’t get married after the first date, You won’t become ripped after the first gym session, Nor will you become financially free off your first investment…⠀

But that doesn’t mean you don’t try or do your best.⠀

Kevin Heart talks about this concept in his Hilarious Biography ‘I Can’t Make This Up’ ⠀

He says ‘I went to auditions knowing I wouldn’t get them – Like auditioning for The Hulk because the producers who make that will make another film & that other film might be the perfect role for me… So I’ll go and I’ll make the best impression possible’⠀

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