Stress and The Brain

This is a chapter from Your Head Is Not An Island, Click Here to get your free copy Stress has been known to literally shrink the brain (59,90) as well as disrupting brain function and promoting inflammation. Stress is notorious for being difficult to define. It encompasses all kinds of stimuli of varying amounts ofContinue reading “Stress and The Brain”

Values and Depression

Values Looking back thousands of years ago at the ancient Greeks and Romans, We haven’t changed much. Today we still crave status, wealth, material things amongst others. The only difference today is you are probably less likely to kill your farther so you can gain status as Emporer. We tell ourselves that if we getContinue reading “Values and Depression”

Loneliness and Depression

Upcoming snippet from my Ebook on mental health, this chapter may change but for now here is what I have – Loneliness and Depression Many thousands of years ago when we were hunter-gathers we needed our tribes. Losing or being excluded from the tribe would mean that our lives we’re at serious risk from attacksContinue reading “Loneliness and Depression”