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But once the determination takes hold

None of us know why we want to write, or not at the beginning.
But once the determination takes hold we have to do it.

– Michael Baldwin

Not just with writing, but anything in life, we often have urges to do somthing that we never would have thought of doing,

We don’t know why we got the urge, but it doesn’t matter anymore

The determination has taken over we have to follow through our it will eat away at us, plague us until we do

Has some determination taken over you?
Destiny may be calling you,  what are you waiting for?

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There is only Perfectionist Block

Perfectionist Block

– Jessica Brody

Perfection blocks us from pretty much anything we do in life,

I remember when I thought about starting this blog and I said to myself I’ll wait until I am a successful businessman till I start writing (Lol) because then it will be perfect

That would have been many years of writing not done

I always hear people say they’ll wait until they lose weight before they go to the gym < like what?

There is no such thing as writers block or gym block or anything block the only thing that is blocking us is that we want everything to be perfect

And nothing is
So nothing is done

Allow yourself to be bad

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Passa Plemmyris Peritrepetai

Passa Plemmyris Peritrepetai

– Last of the Amazons

Every tide turns, as does every situation

Living the dream, something could happen and change your life completely, you could lose all your assets and be left with nothing

Have nothing, one idea can change your life and turn it all around

Wheather the beach exposed or the tide is bashing the sea defences

Eventually it will turn, this is nature

This is life

Passa Plemmyris Peritrepetai

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The Difficult Thing Is To Practice It Every Day

Teaching It Isn’t Hard
The Difficult Thing Is To Practice It Every Day

-The Archer

Or we can say learning something isn’t hard

What’s important is that we practice it every day

That’s how we master our craft

Not by learning the same thing over and over again,

Signing up for another lecture or reading another book on the same topic

Taking what we learnt and applying it to our craft or another craft, Like learning how to use your hands from a baker and mastering your breathing from a Yoga instructor and you can apply these principles to say boxing or farming.

The important thing is to apply whatever you learn to your craft and apply it everyday until it becomes you

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Don’t cheat the world of your contribution.

Don’t cheat the world of your contribution. Give it what you’ve got

– Steven Pressfield

We’re not going to be a hit overnight
Our work may go unnoticed for a very long time.
We may feel like we’re getting nowhere
But one day all of a sudden  something might change.

But it never will if we give up on day 2.
If we wait till we’ve worked those overtime shifts
Or we have all our ducks in a row.

Because it never will happen.
So get in your office, workshop, studio or wherever  you produce your art and Do the work.

Because your contribution matters.
Especially more than ever today.