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Focus on The Routine, Not the Results

Focus on The Routine, Not the Results

We’re results-focused, we want results, we want them now!

If we don’t get them we’ll try something new and if that doesn’t work well you’re stuck on a vicious roundabout…

Yet while we’re leaping from one shiny object to the next, the only routine we have is the leaping…

What if instead you just focused on a few simple things you can implement daily…

It doesn’t have to be big…

It can be as simple as reading one chapter of a book a day or a page if a chapter is too much to implement (Say the average personal development books are 200 pages your still reading 1.5 books more books every year than you would if you didn’t read that page per day)

As simple as going for a short walk every morning or evening…

It’s important to remember that results don’t show on the surface straight away the manifest below surface until there ready to sprout

So focus on the routines

The results will follow

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What you do today, Fuels Tomorrow

What you do today, Fuels Tomorrow

Or Burns it.

Today you might be tired, may have slept in and are just fueling yourself on coffee,

Today you will make decisions that will ripple throughout the rest of your life.

In your current mood and energy state are these decisions going to be the best for your future or are they going to burn you into deep holes that you will struggle to get out of?

Want the best possible future, You need to fuel it properly today

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The forever of Plenty

The forever of Plenty.

The opposite of the forever of discomfort is the forever of plenty.

This is where we think the current (Good) situation were in will last forever because we have plenty of resources/energy/money

Going all out in the gym every day because you have the energy and feel fine…

Buying Lavish, luxurious and exotic things every day because you have the money today…

Binging out 3-4 days in a row because the hangover hasn’t hit yet…

Like us humans The ‘most advanced species’ on the planet cutting down all the Trees today because we have plenty of them…

These things can not be sustained in the long term.

It’s impossible…

Go back to your game plan, Plan all the way till the end, Can this be sustained…
The forever of Plenty. The forever of discomfort, & The forever of never (Post 145) From Seths (Godin) Blog – The three types of forever

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Perhaps happiness is found in the journey uphill

Perhaps happiness is found in the journey uphill – Jordan Peterson

Adversity is your friend, not your foe

That slow climb up that steep hill is probably the happiest your going to feel

Not when you hit the peak, But in that struggle to the peak

When you hit the peak it won’t be long till you return o your base level of happiness

When you’re at the bottom of the hill, you telling yourself how bad it is to be stuck there
and how you can’t make it to the top, unfortunately, this is where most people stop.

They never find out what their capabilities are and they never find the beauty in the struggle.

Climb that hill, When you hit the peak, Climb a bigger one (there’s always a bigger mountain remember.)

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Are you a leader or a follower?

Are you a leader or a follower?

I hate seeing posts like this Like you have to be one or the other,

Like seriously shut the f*** up you fake Instagram gurus

You can be both a leader and a follower

The fact is if we did not follow we probably wouldn’t make it past a couple of weeks old.

We follow our parents guidance until we learn independence, and we stay alive from the lessons we learned from them.

Every leader in any industry had a mentor and or read a tonne of books…

Isn’t following someone’s guidance being a follower?

There is nothing wrong with following.

Follow the guidance of others your mentors and people you look up too,

Then take their lessons and lead your team, your family, fans and people who look up to you

and let them follow you.

The are you a leader or a follower isn’t a choice a one or the other

Its a circle of life and it’s magical

Fuck the gurus

Get following so you can lead.