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Put the wrong fuel in your car and it’s not going to work.

We know this and we are careful not to do it as we know the costs of repair are high and we risk permanently damaging the car…

Yet every day, we put the wrong fuel in our –

Mind and Body

Everyday (Excluding you health nuts of course)

WE feed our brains advertisements, toxic news, gossip, negativity (Most likely from the news)

We feed our bodies poison and junk

And we wonder why we are run down and stressed…

The cost of getting your car fixed is one thing…

The cost of fueling your body is far far more expensive.

Fuel Up Properly.

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Check the details

Check the details

Giving my brother a lift to a course he was on the other day, and whilst in the car he checked the email they sent him,

And he was like oh shit I didn’t see that, and turns out he needed a few documents to take with him, which he didn’t have…

It’s easy to just check the main points or skim through stuff, making it even easier to miss stuff, important stuff.

There have been countless times I’ve not read the details and turned up in the wrong places, wrong days and just forgot stuff.

All because I couldn’t take a few seconds to read through the details.

We miss the small details in life to when we don’t take the time to think where are these cues coming from…

Why are you and your partner arguing again, what have you missed…
Why are you always waking up with a headache, what’s your body telling you?

Why this, why that…

Life is trying to tell us things, but we are not checking the details.

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Where in your world do you need to level up?

Where in your world Do you need to level up?

We are not perfect.
We are so far from perfect.

Normally we are pretty awesome in one area of our life.

Maybe for you, that is making money or your health or family, for others it will be something else.

But when we’re awesome in one area

Others don’t get as much attention

And we start to suck in them over time due to neglect.

Having loads of money sucks if you have nobody to share it with, Having a healthy body is not good if you’re on the verge of eviction…

We need to be well rounded across all areas of our life.

So where do you need to level up across your life?

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The Stories We Tell

The Stories We Tell

We are limited by the stories we tell ourselves. I am this, I am that I can’t this and I can’t that.

They restrict us to a box that we can’t grow from.

But when we look at the Universe in its constant state of expansion, Then look at us beings in that universe, Aren’t we meant for expansion too?

If our purpose is for expansion and growth, then those stories we tell ourselves have to grow to.

And if the stories have to grow, then so does that box that restricts us.