Who are you trying to convince

Who are you trying to convince When your talking Saying that your going to do this and that You are just trying to convince yourself that you can do it because you don’t believe in yourself And you are most likely trying to gain approval of others This rarely works and nothing gets done TheContinue reading “Who are you trying to convince”

You have to build the man

You have to build the man Garret J White In order to be the man you have to build the man. Its frustrating when your not where you want to be. Its frustrating when you try and start out but its bloody hard But you can’t become that person until you build that person SoContinue reading “You have to build the man”

Don’t depend on your mother

Don’t depend on your mother or anybody else to buy or cut up your vegetables for you – Gary Halburt When we rely on others it gives us an excuse as to why we failed. As Gary wrote to his son whilst in prison what we should do is develop a strong independent attitude OtherContinue reading “Don’t depend on your mother”

There is only Perfectionist Block

Perfectionist Block – Jessica Brody Perfection blocks us from pretty much anything we do in life, I remember when I thought about starting this blog and I said to myself I’ll wait until I am a successful businessman till I start writing (Lol) because then it will be perfect That would have been many yearsContinue reading “There is only Perfectionist Block”

Nothing Days

Nothing Days We think of the days when we have that big exam, or wedding days or something really important as the days that define us But the days that define us are the nothing days, when we dont have a lot on, What we do in those days they are what define and makeContinue reading “Nothing Days”