On Changing Your Adobe

Check out this post from invictusvalor.com You want change my friend, you look in the mirror and hate what you see, You hear yourself talk but hate what you say, You watch yourself with your friends and hate how you act, You look at you bank statements and hate how you spend. So on MondayContinue reading “On Changing Your Adobe”

You have to build the man

You have to build the man Garret J White In order to be the man you have to build the man. Its frustrating when your not where you want to be. Its frustrating when you try and start out but its bloody hard But you can’t become that person until you build that person SoContinue reading “You have to build the man”

Level Down, So you can level up

Level Down, So you can level up I know I wrote this post a few weeks back (Where in your world do you need to level up) And this post is more the opposite, Where do you need to level down. Because we all want to accomplish so much, So we take on too muchContinue reading “Level Down, So you can level up”

Where in your world do you need to level up?

Where in your world Do you need to level up? We are not perfect.We are so far from perfect. Normally we are pretty awesome in one area of our life. Maybe for you, that is making money or your health or family, for others it will be something else. But when we’re awesome in oneContinue reading “Where in your world do you need to level up?”

There is only one finish line.

There is only one finish line. Sometimes the sheer fact that there is no finish line is so overwhelming, we dont do anything. In our bodies – we have to keep exercising, keep eating healthy to stay fit and healthy. In our businesses – we have to keep making more sales, more marketing In ourContinue reading “There is only one finish line.”