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There is only one finish line.

There is only one finish line.

Sometimes the sheer fact that there is no finish line is so overwhelming, we dont do anything.

In our bodies – we have to keep exercising, keep eating healthy to stay fit and healthy.

In our businesses – we have to keep making more sales, more marketing

In our relationships- we have to keep the fire alive

So we don’t do anything, we avoid the work, it’s too hard and we are not willing to do it…

Over and over and over and over again, every day.

But there is no finish line isn’t exactly true.

There is a finish line

And that line is death.

So in life we can choose to avoid the work and live in this dream like reality where we are not happy with who are and we fantasie about who we can become, but never doing anything about it…

Or we can do the work daily.

We can go from a place of where we are today, to a place of who we want to be tomorrow.

And live a life with meaning and purpose instead of fantasies.

We all hit the finish line

The question is how are you running the race

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The problem with daily habits

The problem with daily habits

Is that sometimes life throws a curveball at you and you can’t get round to doing them

Yesterday I missed my daily post, I planned on writing a late night one because my day was too busy with my car being broke an all that

But I didn’t get back till 11pm and just crashed out.

Daily goals can make you feel to pressured into accomplishing them and leave you feeling pretty bad if you don’t hit them

(There is some good in that)

But when there is nothing you can do and other things are going wrong don’t beat yourself up for breaking the streak

Afterall you can restart it the next day or when things normalise again and there can be some fun in a new beginning

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Where to find motivation

Where to find motivation

You won’t find it on a map or in a treasure chest

You won’t find it in the woods

Or over a rainbow

It won’t come to you either

Motivation you find in doing what you don’t have the motivation to start.

Say its going to the gym

You might not be motivated to go

But once your there and the more you keep going the more motivated you’ll find yourself.

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It must end

One of the laws of travel, laws of the kingdom is it must end

Fred Bryant

One of the laws of anything and everything is that it must end

But endings aren’t bad, they are quite magical really

Without an ending we wouldn’t appreciate anything

We would just take them for granted

Endings are the start of new beginnings, like a new career at the end of a university degree or a bad job

Endings are a blessing at the end of a hard workout

Endings mean that something happened
Even at the end of life, we got there because we had a beginning.