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Wild Child

Why don’t we play anymore,
When did our lives become so grey
Fearing another dreaded Monday

We used to play without a thought for the rest of the day
Stop and splash in a puddle, then make a dash straight to the next puddle

No thoughts of consequences of what the other kids thought of us
We were just happy
Maybe that’s what we ought to go back to doing

We seem to have caught this bug,
That we should not play
As it’s not the adult way
Or maybe it was taught to us
By someone who thought they were better than the rest of us

Now were all sad,
Because someone was mad
Because they were told that playing was bad

But look deep inside,
There’s a child inside that was locked away before its day
And its waiting to be let loose and go wild

Like a ship and its not ment to be docked
It wants to be out on the open sea

Yet the port is not blocked by a lock
There is no key you see the cage is imaginary

So jump in that puddle,
Give that tree a cuddle
Get muddy
That child inside is making you rage
Because you locked away your best buddy

Your snappy,
Your frightened of being judged by some bitch that you don’t even like

But ditch those thoughts
They dont serve you now
You’re tired of being unhappy

So leave the port and get out in the open

You are a wild child
Be happy

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The Rain

The rain
Why you letting it add to your pain
So your a little wet
Don’t be upset

The rain is uncontrollable
So why would you let it control you
The rain is what makes the world whole
Why would you let it push you further down the hole

It rains on everyone and everything
So don’t winge
It feeds the crops you eat
And waters the plants you love

Why you letting the rain add to your pain
So your a little wet don’t get upset
Can you feel the rain on your skin,
Embrace it, its nature, don’t let your emotions win
Can you feel the rain on your skin, it means your alive, embrace it so you can thrive

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So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly
You feel stuck on the ground like your trapped in an impound
So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly

Yeah life isn’t always pretty
Sometimes we’ve got to get gritty
It feels like we’re not getting very far
Where are these wings, why can’t I sing
Damn I wish life would bring me some fortune

Don’t worry though, there is no hurry
Embrace the grind, you never know what you may find,
Don’t let social media blind you,
You are beautiful don’t you know

This process you are going through is amazing,
One day your looks will be blazing
Just call this phase the grazing days,
Relax and let the process begin
And remember beauty comes first from within

This is metamorphosis you are butterfly,
One day you will fly, sky high,
But stand by, I don’t want to petrify you
But metamorphosis is what you have to go through,
You see a caterpillar doesn’t get to sit in a villa, it has to work to gather strength from within, It doesn’t seem to travel very far to begin with,

Then it becomes the pupa, stuck in one spot, where on the outside it looks like there is not a lot going on but underneath the shield, its beauty is being wielded,

Transformation happens when no one else can see, not even you, but do you know what happens if you get through…
Well your gonna experience life from a whole nother view

So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly
You feel stuck on the ground like your trapped in an impound
So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly

Don’t you know that you’re a butterfly