You have to build the man

You have to build the man Garret J White In order to be the man you have to build the man. Its frustrating when your not where you want to be. Its frustrating when you try and start out but its bloody hard But you can’t become that person until you build that person SoContinue reading “You have to build the man”

Winners Grow Anyway

Getting Stuck is Normal But Winners Grow Anyway Ramit Sethi We all get stuck Some of us choose to stay stuck And I say choose because getting stuck is a choice Its excuses over action Rather than looking for a way around When you decide you dont want to be stuck rather than just sayingContinue reading “Winners Grow Anyway”

Where in your world do you need to level up?

Where in your world Do you need to level up? We are not perfect.We are so far from perfect. Normally we are pretty awesome in one area of our life. Maybe for you, that is making money or your health or family, for others it will be something else. But when we’re awesome in oneContinue reading “Where in your world do you need to level up?”

The Stories We Tell

The Stories We Tell We are limited by the stories we tell ourselves. I am this, I am that I can’t this and I can’t that. They restrict us to a box that we can’t grow from. But when we look at the Universe in its constant state of expansion, Then look at us beingsContinue reading “The Stories We Tell”