Choose Your Pain

Long term reward normally has a short term pain… For example I have Exercise induced asthma which is a weird combonation because long term, Exercise helps manage the asthma but short term after a run for example it causes a bit of a choughing fit. On the other end of the scale we have shortContinue reading “Choose Your Pain”

Level Down, So you can level up

Level Down, So you can level up I know I wrote this post a few weeks back (Where in your world do you need to level up) And this post is more the opposite, Where do you need to level down. Because we all want to accomplish so much, So we take on too muchContinue reading “Level Down, So you can level up”

Do you have a time machine?

Do you have a time machine? So that you can go back in time and change shit.. No So why dwell on it in the present. (Not a direct quote) But a quote from Kevin Harts the decision. We can’t go back and change the stuff we have done or haven’t. So all we canContinue reading “Do you have a time machine?”