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Elysium is a Myth..

Midnight Meditations, Extended from Instagram Go Follow – @roy_eastham
Don’t you get it.. theres always going to be another problem, A situation arise after one just solved. Bigger, Smaller, Repackaged in the form of a person or a bill..
Its nature, Its the law.. Just like when you jump.. Unless the world stops spinning were coming back down.
You climb to the top of the mountain only to find that theirs more mountains to climb.

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‘Life for each of us is a mere moment’

From the Gram,
Instagram Post – Follow @roy_eastham
Another midnight brain dump –
I love these two ‘Meditations’, Self harm to your soul is when you act at random, failing to put any of your actions or desires towards a goal, You wake up day to day building another dream, Buying outfits to make you look cool for other people, buying a Starbucks just to post it to the ‘Gram’ so you can ‘Approval’ from other people and basing your happiness and inner peace on other people. Yet not acting to achieve any of your own desires making you unhappy.

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The Effects of Sleep on Athletic Performance, Health and Body Composition.

The Effects of Sleep on Athletic Performance, Health and Body Composition.

Struggling with your weight? Feeling bummed out? Sluggish during workouts? Or just 


sluggish in general? – Poor diet isn’t always to blame.

We all know someone who brags about how they only need a few hours sleep at night and they feel fine, but every time you look at them they’ve got an extra large coffee from starbucks.. A Trenta I believe its called (1.) Or you know someone who’s tired and sluggish all day but complain they can’t get to sleep at night because they are ‘wired’. You know someone who’s complaining about how they can’t lose weight despite the fact they eat healthy and exercise frequently.

Perhaps maybe one of the above is you.

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