Comfort is the enemy

Comfort is the enemy-J Cole When Cole was talking about how he didn’t become a professional basketball player he said that it was because he wasn’t putting in the work, He said he was playing ball every day, but he wasn’t working with coaches and practicing drills, he was pretending to do something… Then whenContinue reading “Comfort is the enemy”

Creativity Break

Creativity break Ok creativity does not take a break, it jumps at you from nowhere, sometimes in the most random times Like in the shower or on a long road trip, you know when there is absolutely nothing you can do about it So why the creativity break You know, your sat at your desk,Continue reading “Creativity Break”

There is only Perfectionist Block

Perfectionist Block – Jessica Brody Perfection blocks us from pretty much anything we do in life, I remember when I thought about starting this blog and I said to myself I’ll wait until I am a successful businessman till I start writing (Lol) because then it will be perfect That would have been many yearsContinue reading “There is only Perfectionist Block”

Blank paper

Blank paper A blank page is the worst thing for an artist Just staring at it knowing the work has not been done Knowing resistance has won On the contrary though a blank piece of paper is also an empty space for opportunity to be unravelled Unlimited opportunity for creativity But first the artist mustContinue reading “Blank paper”

Plunge in anyway

No choice but to plunge in anyway – Steven Pressfield In the authentic swing notes from Steven Pressfield first novel He talks about sometimes a writer doesn’t know what the theme of a book is before or during writing But he says that’s fine we just have to plunge in anyway Meaning do the workContinue reading “Plunge in anyway”