To celebrate a simple life

It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life-Bilbo Baggins When you log into social media and you see everybody flexing New nails, new cars, new homes, new stocks…Flex, flex, flex Everybody just trying to level up, stressing when they can’t keep up, Anxious because they haven’t gained anything to flex on lately TheyContinue reading “To celebrate a simple life”

Nutrition and Mental Health

Always contact your GP if you are planning a new diet or exercise regime. Please note that this is not a diet book. The following is for educational purposes only. Taking antidepressants alone won’t cure Depression or Anxiety if our Nutrition and blood sugar have more ups and downs than a ship on a stormyContinue reading “Nutrition and Mental Health”

What Is Anxiety

What Is Anxiety Just like everyone feels sad from time to time, we all experience anxiety too and it will affect each one of us differently, People may get anxious about giving a speech, going to a job interview, first date, talking to the opposite sex etc, there are many different ways we may experienceContinue reading “What Is Anxiety”