And another to eat them

It’s one thing to put bread and wine away in a store room and another to eat them – Epictetus Epictetus makes the point that eating bread and wine gets used and absorbed by the body whereas just leaving on the shelves does nothing until eaten and compares it to philosophy (and other studies) WhatContinue reading “And another to eat them”

Comfort is the enemy

Comfort is the enemy-J Cole When Cole was talking about how he didn’t become a professional basketball player he said that it was because he wasn’t putting in the work, He said he was playing ball every day, but he wasn’t working with coaches and practicing drills, he was pretending to do something… Then whenContinue reading “Comfort is the enemy”

But once the determination takes hold

None of us know why we want to write, or not at the beginning.But once the determination takes hold we have to do it. – Michael Baldwin Not just with writing, but anything in life, we often have urges to do somthing that we never would have thought of doing, We don’t know why weContinue reading “But once the determination takes hold”

Don’t sail out farther than you can sail back

Don’t sail out farther than you can sail back– Danish Proverb I think if people followed the Danish advice on this one history would have been very boring Let’s look at this from a fitness point of view If you only ran as far as you knew you could run back then your fitness wouldContinue reading “Don’t sail out farther than you can sail back”

What to do when your tired

What to do when your tired… Well that depends really… Are you a little tired or exhausted If your a little tired and find yourself always skipping your routine and breaking your habits Then you just lack dicipline After all there is always going to be days when we didn’t sleep as well as weContinue reading “What to do when your tired”