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Comfort is the enemy

Comfort is the enemy
-J Cole

When Cole was talking about how he didn’t become a professional basketball player he said that it was because he wasn’t putting in the work,

He said he was playing ball every day, but he wasn’t working with coaches and practicing drills, he was pretending to do something…

Then when his friends pointed out that he was doing the same thing with his rap career

He was like oh shit and it woke him up that he was just working in his comfort zone

So he would write a song or a verse and make a beat before he went to the studio.
He would do 7 minute drills where for 7 minutes he would write.

Comfort is the enemy, comfort cost him his basketball career and almost cost him his rap one too

Do the work
Every day

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Your Avatar

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.” -C.G. Jung

Before you start your quest you need your avatar, This is not a video game where you can create your perfect version of you, Select your strength and how you look, bash a few buttons and master a skill…

You want to level up in real life, You need to look inward, You need to know who you are first, in order to bridge the gap and become who you want to be…

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It is an option

It is an option

At some point we need to admit that it’s simply just not working

And we need to move on

It is an option

Don’t let Instagram fool you

Those influencers with their shitty quotes

Not everything works out

Life is not a movie

Giving up allows you to move on

Move on to somthing that might work out

Somthing life changing

But first you need to let go

One you have tried every avenue, every possible scenario

Then you can give up

Just know it is an option
And failure is part of life

Failure leads the way

Failure is a prerequisite to succsess

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Be ok with being normal

Be ok with being normal

We all want to be special and stand out

And there are two ways this can happen

We get approval and praised off other people

Or we get shouted at and hated by others

Anything else we sort of just fade into the realms of normality

But this is okey

Because it’s a free way of living

It allows us to work without seeking the approval of others or making us rebel for some attention

It allows us to be us

And just because were not in that special category

Does not mean we are not special

We are still contributing to life every day

And if we dont make  a difference to somebody’s day we still make a difference on earth

And that is special.

But before that can happen you need to Be okey with being normal

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Stop wishing you were elsewhere

Yeah, it could be better,

But what you have right now is pretty awesome.

We know you could be on a beach somewhere,
Or tomorrow on Valentine’s day, you could be on a nice date but you won’t be.

But you’ll still have each other and that’s all that matters in the end.

In any situation, you’ll always have yourself

You can always get the best out of any situation but not if your thinking about how things could be or how things used to be.

At the moment you have to enjoy it, whether you’re on a date or working out in your living room.

And if you want to change how things are, then you also need to be that change rather than waiting on someone else.

But you have to stop wishing you were elsewhere