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In Between Time

We book a holiday and all we do is look forward to it,

We imagine ourselves sat on a beach with a cocktail, or seeing a world famous site whilst we go about our boring daily lives

We get excited about going to a party or a meal with so and so and once again this consumes our mind

But the time in between planning the thing and actually doing the thing matters just as much

Yeah you may be looking forward to your holiday or whatever but are you not equally looking forward to another day.

Instead of daydreaming about what you could be doing in 2 weeks time you could be enjoying the taste of your food or the sites around you

The things we do in between are the important stuff because they take up the majority of our lives and to be honest they’re pretty amazing if you learn to appreciate them

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For so long you have dreaded what happens in a moment

For so long you have dreaded what happens in a moment


And in another moment its gone and you breath and you think was that what I spent so much time dreading

And then as time moves forward there will be another moment we dread and the cycle continues

Yet most of the time what we dread is never as bad as we thought it would be and the bad things we do face well we handle them better than our imagination

Obviously fear and worrying have been ingrained in us for many thousands of years so to say dont worry is like telling someone to not hold their breath for too long

Breathing is natural and so is worrying and fear.

But there is ways we can reduce the amount of time we spend worrying as it is pretty unproductive

And that is to take action

Can you take action on the thing your worrying about

Yes > take action, then you wont have to worry about it anymore

No > take action on something you can do, it’ll take your mind off your worries and then at least you have done something and spend countless days worrying when there is nothing you can do.

We always suffer more in our heads than in reality (think that quote was seneca also)

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2020 isn’t over yet

2020 isn’t over yet

So don’t give up on it.

Yeah things haven’t gone your way

So what?

A pilot doesn’t always have a good landing

But they dont blame it on the year

And they don’t just throw in the towel

It’s not been the best year for anyone

Yet there is still time to make a better landing

Don’t blame external events, how we respond today (not next year) will set us up for a better tomorrow

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Excuses weigh our souls down

Dreams weigh more than excuses

So they say, but I don’t think that’s entirely true.

We all have dreams but we easily disregard them when we realise how much work they require

Or when life gets in the way, we push them to one side and eventually forget them

But excuses

We make them on the daily

Even though deep down they burn us, because we know were not living the best version of ourselves

Even if we disregard our dreams, we make excuses for anything and everything from exercise to starting a book and everything in between

Excuses eat away at our pride and make us rethink different scenarios of what could of happened if we did that instead of making this excuse

Excuses weigh our souls down

Whereas dream we can easily chuck the duces up and go about our day to day

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Bad chapters can still create great stories

Bad chapters can still create great stories

  • Cynthia Thurlow

Real life isn’t a movie or a book so that magical ending isn’t going to automatically happen,

But if you keep pushing through your struggles, through the hard times

Then you can turn this bad chapter into a great story but not if you settle this chapter for the ending.