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New Match

New Match

For those familiar with dating apps, You’ll know it’s all about getting a match now,

Meaning you both swipe right on each other, which allows you to message one and another.

But just because you have a match, does mean you have a date, a partner or even an F-buddy if that’s what you’re after,

There is still a lot of work to be done.

The same is applied in business or even in health

Just because you have a new lead does not mean you have a new customer,

Just because you have a gym membership does not mean you are fit and healthy…

We need to work, and work hard to convert our matches into something,

And a lot of the time they amount to nothing (In my experience anyway :/)

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Fight in the night

Fight in the night
Or die with no sight.

Fight in the night means fight in the pit of darkness you’ve found yourself in.

If you dont fight you’ll just end up stuck in that pit.

We all go through some hard times but aren’t the gates of heaven forged in the fires of hell.

So whilst your in hell you might as well keep walking.

Otherwise you’ll live a life never truly knowing what you could have or become.

Aka die with no sight.

P.s. quote was from Garrett J White

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Why are you here?

Why are you here?

Questions are important,


Because they bring answers. Or at least make you think.

The question why are you here, is one of those important questions.

It’s a question to ask yourself whilst at work, or at the gym or even in your relationship…

Why are you here?

There are lots of things in life that we can give a fuck about, so why in your one life are you here in this…

Doing this workout,
In this relationship,
Doing this buisness


If the answer isn’t good enough,
Then why are you still doing it
Why not do something else…
Something that matters

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When it’s not on your doorstep

When it’s not on your doorstep

What do you do?

Do you wait until another event rolls around closer to you or do you travel the distance.

I’ve been to several events 100s of miles away from where I live, long train or coach journeys, hotels etc.

At the same time in Facebook groups I see people asking will this event be in X place or y place…

Because they don’t want to travel.

Yet even if it was on there doorstep, would they go?

I don’t know… but the question is if its really worth something to you

How far are you willing to go?