Actions and Loneliness

Actions and LonelinessNobody is coming to save you… There was a period in the past 12 months where I experienced chronic loneliness, If you follow my blog you would have seen poems reflecting that. I started sedating with Whiskey every night to try and dull the emptiness I was feeling. I’ve never been good withContinue reading “Actions and Loneliness”

The best page ever written

A new page. Every single day is a blank piece of paper. You are your pen. How are you going to write your day? Are you just going to copy yesterday’s page or are you going to write the best page you have ever written.

Characters in a play

We all just characters in a playWe have our roles to playJust acting out each dayHoping we see another day But our role is not guaranteedOur contract might not get renewedOnce the curtain is calledWe leave an empty stage for our permanent retirement Let us act out each dayAs if it was our last performanceBecauseContinue reading “Characters in a play”