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One word on a page…

One word on the page, is worth a whole story planned in the head

– Michael Baldwin

A single action is better than an idea sitting in your head, a word on a page means you started the work, a single action means you did something more than most do, you took action.

Ideas overtime lose power, we lose interest and let the world distract us.

Any progress even if that is one single word on a piece of paper is better than one thought with zero action, because one word, leads to two,

Let’s look at it this way,
In the dating world, if you send a one word message ‘Hey’ for example, its better than not sending anything and at least you may get a reply…

The moral, just do something, anything as long as its not thinking about it

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But once the determination takes hold

None of us know why we want to write, or not at the beginning.
But once the determination takes hold we have to do it.

– Michael Baldwin

Not just with writing, but anything in life, we often have urges to do somthing that we never would have thought of doing,

We don’t know why we got the urge, but it doesn’t matter anymore

The determination has taken over we have to follow through our it will eat away at us, plague us until we do

Has some determination taken over you?
Destiny may be calling you,  what are you waiting for?

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Don’t sail out farther than you can sail back

Don’t sail out farther than you can sail back
– Danish Proverb

I think if people followed the Danish advice on this one history would have been very boring

Let’s look at this from a fitness point of view

If you only ran as far as you knew you could run back then your fitness would never improve because you wouldn’t up the distance

Or you would never attempt a personal best in lifting in case you wouldn’t be able to complete the lift

In life you would never take risks in case you failed

I’m sorry Danish people but sometimes you have to risks

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People talk with their wallets

People talk with their wallets

If you ask people do they eat healthy they’ll tell you that they eat their fruit and vegetables

If you ask people if they recycle they’ll probably tell you that they do

But just because they say they do, doesn’t mean that they actually do

What they say is just who they think they should be or who they think that you want them to be…

But the principle Is

If you say you do one thing because that’s who you think you should be

The why don’t you just do it

So that you can be that person

And the second part of the principle is

People say they are one thing but in the end the talking is done with their money and how they spend it

If you say that you eat healthy for example but rack up takeaway bills every week…

Money talks

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What to do when your tired

What to do when your tired…

Well that depends really…

Are you a little tired or exhausted

If your a little tired and find yourself always skipping your routine and breaking your habits

Then you just lack dicipline

After all there is always going to be days when we didn’t sleep as well as we would like or just worked a little to hard

We cannot let a little tiredness stop us from doing what needs to be done

However if we are exhausted then we need to rest because pushing through exhaustion is just a ticket to injury, illness and sometimes even death

But most of the time your probably just a little tired

So get working on that dicipline