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You can only be who you already are

You can only be who you already are

– Steven Pressfield

I love this philosophy it goes against the you can be whatever you want to be positive thinking jumbo that goes around today

If you want to be a singer and you cannot sing then you are not going to become a singer no matter how much you believe you can be whatever

So who are you already

That is the chief task at hand

We don’t know until we know

Sometimes we get whispers in our ear and we ignore them

Other times we stumble on to it through a wide variety of paths

But at heart deep down we are all explorers so even if you don’t find who you are

Get outside and explore

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By investing in our future selves

By investing in our future selves we improve our lives today

– Max Lugavere

It’s as simple as that even though it does not always seem that way and we don’t see the results instantly

Any action we take today that will improve our future also improves our lives today

The same is true in reverse anything that can harm our future harms us today

So when you wait till Monday instead of today you are allowing all the extra harm to be done in the meantime

Plus there is a chance you probably won’t even start on Monday

So improve yourself today by investing in your future

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Winners Grow Anyway

Getting Stuck is Normal But Winners Grow Anyway

Ramit Sethi

We all get stuck

Some of us choose to stay stuck

And I say choose because getting stuck is a choice

Its excuses over action

Rather than looking for a way around

When you decide you dont want to be stuck rather than just saying you dont want to be stuck then you can grow

And that problem becomes a possibility

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Too Young, Too Old

Too young too old

There is a funny pattern in most things like investments for example

You will be talking to someone about x or y and they will be like…

Well I’m too young to start that or too young to worry about it

But past a certain point the other side of the coin comes into play

Arr I’m too old now, I wish I’d started when I was younger

Erm so where is the line in between the two

It’s right now

Whatever it is get started now, your not too young your not too old

The time is right and it’s right now

Just do it before you can think of anymore excuses

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Why we don’t change

Why we don’t change

Change is death

So when we choose change we are literally choosing to kill a part of us

So no matter how bad life gets people would rather live in that world they know than to choose death and change.

Its killing what you know to head into the unknown which is scarier than their current situation.

This is why we don’t change