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One step at a time

One step at a time

With lockdowns across the UK and most parts of the world its going to be a weird time…

Normally we have people sprinting head on into there goals and then giving up a few weeks later…

This year I’m not sure what’s going to happen

I hope people aren’t just not going to start. I hope people haven’t given up.

But regardless of what happens this year
Instead of sprinting into your goals.

Take them slow, one step at a time.

Long term you’ll have more success than just doing a 2 week sprint.

Either way, dont do nothing.

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New beginnings

2020 books read

I feel like this is all I’ve got to show for 2020, this and the sudden readership growth…

Yeah it was a terrible year for all of us, alot out of our control…

But its the things in my control that bother me,

More specifically the things I didn’t do.
The things I could have done more on, the things i could of practiced more…

Like philosophy in these hard times, in stead of letting the times grind me down.

But I can’t change the past, I can only look back and learn from it, so no dwelling on the shoulda, woulda, could have…

Let’s focus on new beginnings.

Thank you people
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There is still hope

There is still hope

There is still a chance that 2021 will be a ‘Happy New Year’

We can hope,
But regardless of what happens if we set solid daily actions…Not resolutions

And do those solid daily actions… daily

And over the next 365 days
We will come out better and stronger

This could be as simple as
Sweating every day
Having one smoothie a day
Reading one page a day
Mediating 1 minute per day

It doesn’t matter how small as long as you do it every day you will come out better.

Just dont give up hope.
(Plan for the worst though)