Thank you for exposing me

Thank you for exposing me 2020 as we know wasn’t the best year… I had some ups and downs but funny enough I got to travel more in 2020 than I have any other year Most of us are glad to see the end of it, But after some reflectionI’m grateful that it happened ItContinue reading “Thank you for exposing me”

Another year!

End of another year This year for many hasn’t been the best, and I dont even want to think about 2021 just yet… But despite the terrible year, it’s still swung around very fast Most of us could have used our time better, myself included But we probably didn’t. So whilst we close out theContinue reading “Another year!”

When you’ve got today

When you’ve got today Tomorrow doesn’t matter This year has been a test for everyone Its certainly tested my philosophy a lot. One thing that helps me is forgetting about tomorrow and just enjoying the day, taking my mind off things for a little while. There’s a lot going on in the world. These littleContinue reading “When you’ve got today”

We don’t get to choose them

We don’t get to choose them Our last words that is, Death is inevitable, we know this. But when and how we go we don’t know. We all imagine or just me that we will have some heroic death and everyone around us will have some wise words passed on… our last ones. But theContinue reading “We don’t get to choose them”