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Start with the fundamentals

Start with the fundamentals

There boring, the thought of them makes you sigh and roll your eyes

But laying the fundamentals out first sets the ground work for the more advanced stuff later

It allows for a smoother process and a faster one

Get the fundamentals right

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You Gotta Dream Like You Never Had Obstacles

You Gotta Dream Like You Never Had Obstacles

-J Cole

Obstacles the moment we experience them get ingrained in our brains, and they are stuck there forever, 

Projecting fear on us whenever we dream or plan,

They make us hesitate and procrastinate and then play it small,

we have to dream like we have never experienced them, dream big and do big.

Otherwise, we’re never going to experience what we’re capable of

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I think being broke was better

I think being broke was better

J Cole

Even when your broke and hungry

The climb up is so much more fun, than when you get some form of stability

You so work harder, you have more drive and ambitions

But when you get some taste of success that drive isn’t as high

You get comfortable and take the foot off the accelerator

I often think back to the time when I slept in my car I don’t think I’ll ever get that feeling back

I think being broke was better

To a certain extent.

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No price is too high

No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself

Rudyard Kipling

To be yourself is hard especially when you haven’t mastered your habits or principles, its hard to be pulled into other people’s thoughts and opinions.

Epictetus said to avoid the laymen when aspiring to be  philosopher because the laymen will pull you into there views and you’ll forget what you learnt in philosophy school.

To be yourself can be lonely even when surrounded by others, Today few are questioning the corruption of governments worldwide and allowing their human rights to be stripped from them

Those who are speaking out, being person are being branded as conspiracy theorists, being cut off from their families and friends but they held on to themselves and that’s all that matters

To individual has to struggle from being pulled in by the tribe

Be yourself, It may be lonely at times, but at least your not owned by anyone.

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Do you belive that help will come from outside?

Do you belive that help will come from outside?

Our problems come from within, our judgement of things and our thoughts of how others are going to react or think of us,

They come from our habits, lifestyle, spending, eating, etc

So when we look for help from outside,

Like medicine for example we are only making a problem, when really the solution comes from our eating and lifestyle habits.

Believing that help will come from outside is waiting for someoneto take responsibility for your actions or judgments of things

When we need to control we need to master our judgments and master our actions

Nobody is coming to save you

Help starts from within