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Sometimes procrastination is a good thing.

Sometimes doing nothing allows us to relax which activates a different brainwave state.

Like when were in the shower and we get the best ideas of our lives

When we procrastinate and we feel like we’re doing nothing all the stuff we have learnt or are processing and allowing this stuff to just process and come to frustration.

It may feel like we’re doing nothing but that nothing is needed to process our creations in the back of our minds.

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You can’t talk butterfly language to Caterpillar people

You can’t talk butterfly language to Caterpillar people

There is a weird moment when you have realised you have changed,

Its a happy feeling but also sad as well…

Because when you’re talking to the people closest to you they will tell you to shut up or stop going on about that thing again.

And you have that lightbulb moment like ‘Ah I have changed’
Byt then you have that moment of ‘Ah I don’t fit in with these people anymore’

And those people could be your partners, family, friends etc

And you have to either move on or suppress yourself around them.

But sometimes growth requires you to leave things behind.

It’s sad but if you wanna be the butterfly you have to leave behind the caterpillars.

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She’s no princess

She fell in love with fairytales
And dreamed of castles
She wanted the crown
The knight in shining armour…

She fell in love in with an idea
That she never could have
Not because she was worthless
Simply because
She was no princess…

A wise man once said that just to live is an act of courage
And live she just did
Every day dreaming of crowns on the battle grounds

She was a warrior
She was a valkyrie
She was an amazonian
She was a godess
Yet life had worn her down
And made her feel worthless

Keep on fighting
You are not worthless
You have more courage than those silly little princesses

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The struggle is good.

One of the most fascinating lessons I’ve absorbed about life is that the struggle is good.

Joe Rogan

The struggle of getting through a tough workout
Or a tough financial situation
Or anything really,

If you are actively trying to change the situation, Then no matter what happens you will grow from the struggle.

You will become someone completely different without you even realising it.

Struggles challenge you
Struggles change you
Struggles are good for you

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Get after it

Get After It
-Jocko Willnik

Its easy to overthink things
Its easy to put off
To create a to do list of a thousnad things to do and get nothing done.
In the end what matters is not what was said but what was done,
so in the words of Jocko

Get After It