Welcome to RoyEastham.com

If your fed up of putting all your energy into your job, All your hard earned cash into a saving account that’s generating next to nothing in interest, Your physically and mentally drained and your relationships are full of dull interaction, Then this site is for you.

I feel your pain, I’ve been there (I still am) but I’m on the road to self improvement building a better lifestyle and business on the way.

I’m no expert and defiantly NOT one of those Guru’s especially in the Relationship department Ha!

I created RoyEastham.com because I simply enjoy writing and though I’d document my journey on the way and Help other people (You) Improve there life along the way in what I call the Life Pyramid (3 Key area’s we all have as humans)

Health РWealth РRelationships 

I believe us as humans need to keep these three area’s Balanced.

If were unhealthy were Mentally Drained, generally miserable and prone to sickness and injury’s, If were sick and injured we can’t work our wealth is then threatened and our relationships with family and friends because one filled with panic and stress.

If were working all the time then that too is going effect our health and mental state, which in turn effects the quality of our relationships you never see your family and when you do your drained and want to relax.. And so on

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