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Stress Creates More Stress

Check out this snippet f my up and coming ebook on mental health (From my other blog.)

Metabolic Human

The Following is a Snippet from my up and coming eBook on Mental Health

Many of us live in a state of chronic sympathetic activity, always ready to fight or flee. This sets a person up for a downward spiral of brain function, which in turn generates ever-higher levels of stress. It’s like being stuck on a roundabout with no exits. 

As the brain degenerates, overall firing in the brain decreases. This means output into the PMRF decreases. If the PMRF decreases the stimulation to our rest and digest system also decreases along with its ability to reduce sympathetic stress from the IML.

As a result, stress continues to power up whilst our rest and digest system continues to lose power. The result may be a person living in constant heightened stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, irritability, and a general state of being stressed out.

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