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Instagram Motivation

A week in review from @titan_strength_academy

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Post 1 –

‘Begin now to be what you will be hereafter.’ –  Saint Jerome
Who you want to be in the future, How you want to look and feel, What you want to do or become, Will always be in the future unless you start now.
Post 2 –
‘We have to do the best we are capable of. This is our sacred human responsibility’ – Albert Einstein
Humans are the only living thing on this planet who don’t perform to the best they possibly can. Look at an Ant colony you never see them putting off the days tasks till tomorrow.
Why do we?

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Why New Years Resolutions Fail & What You Can Do About It

*Originally Written and Posted for my Company Titan Strength Academy *

So it’s just passed that time of the year – You know the end of the last one where many (Maybe you) reflect back on the past 12 months and realise that maybe you’ve not done as much as you could have done.

Now you’re feeling guilty from the past 2 weeks of eating & drinking so you decide that now is a great time to make some Big lifestyle changes.

Some of the most popular ones according to a survey (Who fills them out I don’t know…)

Lose weight (54%)
Save more and spend less (32%)
Learn a new skill or hobby (26%)
Quit smoking (21%)
Read more (17%)
Drink less alcohol (15%)

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From Eviction to Gym Owner In 6 Months

The Promise to Myself

December 31st New Years Eve.. Listening to the fireworks from a distance, Hoping to catch a glimpse of them through the window, Watching friends and family posting the photos on social media of them all having a good time together..

Not me though, No once again I found myself sat alone on a long lonely night shift, The nights are always longer and lonely On a special occasion.. when you know you could be elsewhere actually enjoying your life..

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