How long are you going to wait

How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself? – Epictetus⠀

An interesting observation I’ve made in myself and others -⠀

We are quick to offer advice to our family and friends, Even go as far as getting annoyed with them if they don’t follow our judgments.⠀

Because we want the best for them, We know that they could do better and make better choices…⠀

Yet when it comes to ourselves -⠀

Level Up Your Life (2)

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The Germ Of Happiness

‘Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.’ Pearl S. Buck⠀

I used to think more money would make me happy,⠀

So I worked more hours.⠀

The work was easy, The only challenge was the commute (And figuring out which film to watch on shift)⠀

I had money in the bank, Yet I wasn’t fulfilled,

Level Up Your Life (2)

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Decide what kind of difference you want to make

‘What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.’ – Jane Goodall

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Everything you do makes a difference – even the small things, Like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, Recycling instead of just throwing out the trash those are small things that can make a big difference over time..⠀

Your kids look forward to walking to school because they’ve seen you walking or When your Friends start noticing your weight loss and then they start exercising too…⠀

The same happens in reverse too… ⠀

You can make a difference not only to yourself but everyone else too..⠀

Which difference do you want to make.⠀

‘Stay patient and trust your journey.’⠀

‘Stay patient and trust your journey.’⠀

There is nothing more important than staying patient…⠀

You don’t expect a tree to grow over night…⠀

To Reap your crops as soon as you have planted the seed…⠀

When you first join the gym you joined for a reason⠀

You must trust that reason while your roots are growing on the inside… ⠀

Having patience and trust in your decision… You will see your tree grow⠀

it's the island life for me

Choose Your Clan… Wisely

I’m writing an ebook, Its about levelling up your life – How to Earn more, Be More and Do More, It’s not finished yet but here’s a free Chapter, Let me know what you think

“From good people, you’ll learn good, but if you mingle with the bad you’ll destroy such soul as you had.”

—Musonius Rufus, Lectures, 11.53.21-22

On your quest to level up your life it’s important to choose your clan wisely.

Your clan will be the difference between climbing mountains of desire and falling into dark pits of despair.

On this quest, you might lose some members of your current clan, Let them go. This is your journey, not theirs, They might not be ready or worse they just don’t want to level up.

it's the island life for me

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