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Drifted Apart

I tried to grow
But I didn’t know how to apply it
So instead of growing upwards
The more I tried to grow
The more i started sinking down into the unknowns below
Like an anchor that broke away from the boat
I sank deep below
Whilst you stayed afloat
And drifted away
Far from the shore
Into the stormy seas

I tried to grow for us
But trying wasn’t enough, I should of used more heart
The more I tried to grow the more we drifted apart

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Where’s all the love at?

Isn’t it sad that when I write words of pain
You nod your head and remember a time when you felt the same
Yet if I write words of love, peace and happiness
You scrunch your face and think I’m insane
Isn’t it sad that pain is universal
Yet where is all the love at?

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There is a star inside of you

There is a star in you,
I know you don’t believe it
Just because the clouds block the night sky
Doesn’t mean the stars fade away
There is a star inside of you
I know you don’t see it
Just because the clouds block your mind
Your star won’t fade away

Remember that in the darkest nights
That’s when the stars shine the brightest.

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Shes strong but shes tired

Shes strong but shes tired
Her eyes are wired
Shes been fighting
Non stop
An invisible enemy
The world thinks shes gone mad
That shes weak and lazy
But they’re the ones that are crazy
They couldn’t imagine the battles she faced
They couldn’t fight the battles shes had to face
If they were in her place
They wouldn’t be able to cope
They would give up hope
But she said nope not me
I’m going to keep fighting till I’m free
Shes strong
But shes tired
This battle has gone on far too long
But only because she is strong
Shes stronger than we’ll ever know
Shes gone places we’ll never go
So instead of calling her lazy or weak
I dare you to even look at her shoes
Because you probably couldn’t walk a mile in them let alone wear them for a week
We’re not strong
Not like her, not for this long.

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Darkest before the dawn

Life is the hardest thing we’ll ever know
Yet it’s also the most beautiful thing too
There are going to be hard times and we are going to sink so low
But there will be some great times, even though maybe Darkness is the only thing you’ve ever known
But darkness can’t exist without the light
Yes life feels like a fight and you always seem to be fighting in the night…
But it’s darkest before the dawn
So please keep up the fight…

Your light is coming
And its going to be bright