The importance of hydration

The importance of Hydration

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The importance of Hydration

When we experience signs of dehydration like thirstiness, That’s when our brains have started to lose water.

Our brains are last to lose water, before that 70 trillion of our cells are already dehydrated and when our cells are dehydrated, they stop functioning properly.

Our energy levels, our digestive system, immune health all start to suffer,
That’s why they say when you feel thirsty it’s too late.

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A Broken Health System

The system that’s designed to keep us sick

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A Broken health system

If Aliens came to observe us they would conclude that we humans have zero interest in being healthy.

One of the possibilities for this is because when we get sick, we know what to do,
We rely on big pharma to help.
We get sick, take a pill and hope for the best.
Whilst passing responsibility for or health to drugs.

Most medicines though are based on or inspired by plants or things contained in plants.
Even big pharma needs nature to heal us.

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We’ve Evolved to be Lazy

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We have evolved to be lazy.

There are endless scientific studies that show that exercise and movement are good for us, They help prevent diseases, they keep us in shape, they make us live longer, they make us happier… the list is endless

Yet the more science there is the less we seem to do. Looking at our evolutionary past and nature gives us a solid reason why.

The majority of Sapien life, When we lived in caves, we moved because we had to but only when we had to.

We had to hunt our food, run for our lives. The same is true when you look at lions, They move only when they have to.

The rest of the time, Lions and our ancestors were resting. Because they need to preserve their energy

Our bodies don’t want to burn more energy than necessary. and since we can go for…

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What is Depression

What is Depression

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What is Depression

Whilst we all have days where we feel down and sad, people struggling with major depression will feel persistently sad for weeks or months, rather than just a few days

Depression affects people in many different ways and therefore there are a variety of symptoms which can be complex and vary from person to person, such as lasting feelings of hopelessness, losing interests in things you used to enjoy and feeling like nothing has a purpose and a constant feeling of unhappiness.

The severity of depression can be crippling which can lead people to suicide, It can cause people to lose their jobs, family and all social contact

One of the defining symptoms of depression is lack of loss of pleasure. A girl gets engaged to the man of her dreams and they won’t feel anything. Being out with friends, Getting promoted, Having…

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Women’s Mental Health

Some mental health stats from my other blog

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1 in 4 People experience Mental Health issues each year.

792 million people are affected by mental heal issues each year.

Compared with other health issues Mental Health are more common, Longer lasting and more impactful.

12.8% of young people aged 5-19 meet the criteria for mental health disorder.

Women between the age of 16-24 are three times as likely to experience a mental health issue as men the same age

24% of women in England are diagnosed with Depression in their lifetime and 13% of males.

Major Depression is more common in females than males.

Women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with Anxiety than males

Among the General Population, 20.6% of people have had suicidal thoughts at some time in their life and 6.7% have attempted suicide.

34.6% of Females have had suicidal thoughts in their lifetime and 19.3% of males.

5.4% of males and 12.7% of…

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