Fear P.R (Get Over Your Fears)

Why I went Travelling Alone,

I’ve always been the quiet dude, You know the type, The dude that seem’s socially awkward, Like’s to be sat on his on his own or in small groups,

Yeah that’s me & I love it, You see I’ve always been an introvert Back in nursery I didn’t even say yes when my name was called out at the register I would Just nod my head,

I Embrace the fact I’m an introvert but I didn’t always

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Lesson’s In Business Failure Pt 2.

In Part 1 I talked about how I went broke because I didn’t adapt to change and let my fears control my action’s which ultimately left me broke and the lessons I leaned from those, If you’ve not read that yet you can Read it Here.

After I went broke and left LSF (Lifestyle Fitness) I was offered two job’s

  1. A Sales Agent in a Call Centre
  2. Fitness Instructor

The sales agent had better pay and bonuses, The fitness instructor was just basic wage.

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How I Went Broke.

My journey started fresh out of uni,

I got a job as a Self employed Personal trainer at Lifestyle Fitness in Preston. I thought this is it Im gonna be rich. £30 Per hour yeah buddy.

My ex ex said to me why don’t you keep your job t WHSmith just in case. That pissed me off I was like don’t you believe that I Can make it & anyway I’m on £30 per hour I only need a few clients a week and I’ll be on the same wage..

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