Stoic Practices to Help You Through This Time of Chaos

Some stoic practices to help you through this time of Chaos.

What is in my control – As this coronavirus outbreak as shown us there are lots of things outside of our control, Shouting at the tv, posting on Facebook, getting worried and panicking won’t change any of that.

What we can do is focus on the things in our control, We can stay calm amongst the panic, follow the guidelines on how to stop the spread by washing your hands and staying indoors, we can’t control whether other people are going out or not but we can control what we do and how we react.

Amor Fati – A fire turns anything that’s thrown on top of it into flames and burns brighter – Marcus Aurelius 

What keeps you from crumbling in the face of difficulties, Loving what happens to you and turning those obstacles into opportunities. No amount of anger or self-pity will change things, 

When your feeling Hungary say Amor Fati – Because your alive and can feel it,

When you’re being overrun at work because of this outbreak – say Amor fati because you’re still at work helping people and making a difference.

When you’ve just been laid off from a job because of the outbreak, Amor fati, This is an opportunity to spend more time with the family…

Whatever you’re struggling with Amor Fati, how can whatever it is turn you into a better person and grow

Premeditatio Malorum – Have a plan for if things get worse,

People seem to think that this is going to blow over in a couple of weeks and then everything’s going to get back to normal,

It probably isn’t, things are likely going to get much worse, not just during the outbreak but after it too, we’re likely going to face depression, prices and taxes are likely going to increase and some of our favourite businesses are going to go out…

Premeditatio Malorum in a time like this is probably the best time to start practising and planning for if things get worse.

What is quite unlooked for is more crushing in its effect, and unexpectedness adds to the weight of a disaster. This is a reason for ensuring that nothing ever takes us by surprise. We should project our thoughts ahead of us at every turn and have in mind every possible eventuality instead of only the usual course of events…”

Sympatheia – We’re all in this together

Stop being selfish, and look after the greater community its a global epidemic, not a youdemic play your part even that means just staying inside.

Memento Mori – We walk around thinking that we’re going to live forever and we treat our loved ones the same,

Memento More means to remember that you will die and so will your loved ones, this isn’t supposed to morbid but the opposite,

Knowing that one day you or your loved one will eventually part ways with life means that you don’t take their time with you for granted, you cherish the time that you’re given instead of wasting it watching tv or on your phone.

So what does it actually look like to Level Up Your Life?

If you hop on over to Instagram, (Depending on who you follow) you’ll see a host of Entrapenures posing with their supercars, people on their laptops with a margarita at the beach, and some fitness model posing with some supplement…

We think that this looks easy or I want that then we set about getting it…

We order the supplements and set up our online store…

But when the Ads don’t turn into a profit and the supplements don’t Melt the Fat as advertised,

We realise there’s more work to this than initially thought.

Normally this is enough to make people quit.

So I thought I’d shed some light on what it actually looks like.

Levelling Up

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Tapas In Spain…

Trying to find a place to eat Spain was hard (Because I was accompanied by one of those vegetarians… Robyn)

If the menu wasn’t in English we couldn’t eat there because the 1st night we were in Spain her vegetarian noodles were served with meat…

After what felt like a lifetime of trying to translate and two full bowls of rice well by the time we got some vegetarian noodles she was no longer hungry…

So we had to play it extra safe…

(Extra safe = walking around for hours in the heat looking at every single menu finding one that was in English and two served veggie stuff)

Level Up Your Life (2)

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Simple Success.. F*ck Convenience

Simple Success Swinging Singles.

A post I wrote in Back in September for the Titan Community

When my car broke down, cost me over a grand to fix, Working 50+ hour nights & had to get the train to the gym..

Reflecting back on the past couple of weeks, They’ve been bloody tough both physically and mentally.. Getting to work was a long commute with a car without one just took the piss, 4 hours on 3 busses – No thank’s, Luckily I managed to get lifts,

Getting to the gym was nearly as bad (That’s a 40 minute drive alone)

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The Fear of Losing

The Fear of Losing Trumps The Excitement of Winning – Gary Veynerchuk

Hit me like a ton of bricks what Gary V said at the start of one of his Youtube videos,

I talk about fear a lot because it was a Huge contributor to how I lived, I went broke because of the Fear of rejection, I pretend I was someone I wasn’t to fit in with people I didn’t like because of the Fear of being alone,

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