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The stronger the wind

The stronger the wind the stronger the tree

Paths of meaning

A group of scientists grew some trees in a lab but the trees kept collapsing, eventually they realised that the fact the reason was because there was no wind to strengthen them

No think of someone who was born with it all and never had to work for anything, the moment they face adversity, they crumble

Because they had no ‘wind’ to strengthen them

So your facing adversity today…
That’s your wind,
Its making you stronger

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It all falls into place

It all falls into place

If you do the work

They say everything works out for a reason, it was meant to be

But things only fall into place if you do the work,

Like you won’t get that job if you don’t apply for it, turn up for the interview…

You won’t get the job if you don’t do the qualification

You want get the date if you dont ask the person out…

The work needs to be done

If you want things to fall into place

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Rich with stuff I wrote

Cause in my mind I’m rich with sh*t I done wrote

J Cole

It all starts in the mind

You have to believe in your abilities
You have to believe in your dreams

Even if nobody else gets it, thinks your idea is dumb

If your rich with your ideas
Your off to a good start
Just make sure you write that sh*t

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Start with the fundamentals

Start with the fundamentals

There boring, the thought of them makes you sigh and roll your eyes

But laying the fundamentals out first sets the ground work for the more advanced stuff later

It allows for a smoother process and a faster one

Get the fundamentals right

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You Gotta Dream Like You Never Had Obstacles

You Gotta Dream Like You Never Had Obstacles

-J Cole

Obstacles the moment we experience them get ingrained in our brains, and they are stuck there forever, 

Projecting fear on us whenever we dream or plan,

They make us hesitate and procrastinate and then play it small,

we have to dream like we have never experienced them, dream big and do big.

Otherwise, we’re never going to experience what we’re capable of